Turboflotservice (TFS) is Ukraine’s private research & development company set up in 1991. TFS has put forward fundamentally new concepts for fine particles flotation and flocculation, which evolved in developing new technologies and equipment.

TFS is engaged in both – the fundamental studies of physico-chemical hydrodynamics of dispersed systems and the applied research in such areas as technogenic suspensions separation, and treatment of industrial wastewaters. TFS team has designed and developed several research instruments and samples of new equipment used in the industry.

TFS was also a partner in a number of scientific-research projects related to fine minerals enrichment sponsored by the world leading companies such as Rio Tinto (Australia), Teck Cominco (Canada), Anglo Platinum (RSA), and El-Teniente (Chile). This cooperation facilitated development of innovative technologies -Ultraflocculation, Turbulent Microflotation, Combined Microflotation, and the equipment for implementing these technologies in the industry.