Politecnico di Milano, Italy

The department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DICA) at Politecnico di Milano consists of professors and researchers involved in research activities concerning the following areas: environmental, geodesy and geomatics, transport infrastructures and geosciences, hydraulic engineering, mechanics of materials and structures, structural design, diagnostics and rehabilitation, water science and engineering, and structures and environment. Enhancing the transversality among the disciplines characterizing the civil and environmental engineering is one of the main aims of the Department so that the problems of the sector can be dealt with using an integrated approach. The support for the FineFuture project will be granted mainly by the Assessment of WAste and REsources (AWARE) Research Group, within the environmental section of DICA.

AWARE Group has more than ten years of experience in the application of the Life Cycle Thinking concept (and particularly the Life Cycle Assessment – LCA – methodology) to evaluate the environmental impacts of products, technologies, services and complex systems. To do this, AWARE Group has up to date LCA software and databases, as well as a very strong capability to get and collect primary data of the plants and systems under study. AWARE Group contributes to choosing the technologies and strategies with the best environmental performance to closing raw materials loops towards a Circular Economy.

Lucia Rigamonti and Benedetta Marmiroli