Magnesitas Navarras, Spain

MAGNESITAS NAVARRAS, S.A. (MAGNA) is located in Zubiri (Navarra, Spain), is a company dedicated to extraction, preparation and manufacture of calcined magnesite, sintered magnesite, magnesium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide, for the following industries: agriculture, refractories applications and other environmental and industrial uses.

In 1945, MAGNA was founded, being the first company in Spain dedicated to magnesium oxide manufacture. Until 1970s, all mineral was dedicated to production of refractory material for the steel manufacture furnaces. Between 1970 and 1975, MAGNA started to manufacture products for the agricultural sector.

In 1975, MAGNA evolved from being a supplier of raw materials for the refractory manufacturers to be a finished product manufacturer (refractory mass) for the steel industry. Also, it became a main manufacturer of calcinated magnesite for fertilizers and animal feeding. In January 2000, MAGNA was acquired by the ROULLIER French group.

MAGNA is a mining company interested in the development of innovative tools to be applied in their mining activity and also for exploitation of low-grade mining resources. The policy of MAGNA is to daily improve, anticipate the expectations of the client and answer the needs of the final user. This is why MAGNA devotes all necessary means to research and quality control.

Magna is aware of the importance in improving processes and products in the mining and processing activities, in order to reduce our Environmental footprint. Magna considers as a strategic opportunity, to explore opportunities to valorise low grade magnesite to develop new business opportunities in the context of the circular economy approach. Magna has an R & D department with 25 people, with own equipment’s for laboratory test and also with external collaboration agreements: Navarra’s University and Barcelona’s University.