Maelgwyn Mineral Services, Great Britain

Maelgwyn Mineral Services Limited (MMS) is a privately-owned limited company registered in England and Wales. The company has been based in Wales since 1997. The administration of MMS is located in Cardiff, Wales, the engineering, design and manufacture of the products is exclusively in Germany. MMS has subsidiary companies in South Africa and agent and representative offices in Germany, Portugal, Chile and Russia.

Key personnel originate from the mining and processing equipment manufacturing industry. The company provides a unique blend of skills in design, research and product development combined with considerable experience in mineral process operations. It has had many patents granted and has won a number of national innovation awards for its technology.

MMS has developed beside other unique technique the Pneumatic Flotation IMHOFLOT, which is well known in the mineral industry. References for industrial application are worldwide. IMHOFLOT has advantages for the flotation of fines which is already proven. MMS in Germany has close contacts and cooperation with the University of Clausthal for RE-Elements. Lab-equipment from MMS is installed in Germany, Norway, Belarus and other countries. Maelgwyn Mineral Services in South Africa operates an RD centre with lab and Pilot equipment.