Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals, Poland

Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals in Gliwice is one of the largest specialised research institutes in Poland. It has 354 employees, of which 106 in scientific research positions, 160 persons in engineering technical positions and 88 persons in administrative and services-related positions. IMN has large and well-equipped laboratory facilities allowing to perform both bench-scale, as well as semi-industrial tests. The area of activity of Mineral Processing and Waste Utilization Department covers studies of enrichment of wide range of materials, especially non-ferrous ores, coal, waste and secondary materials as well as development of technologies for enrichment of these materials, modernization and implementation of technological improvements in existing plants, design and production of flotation machines, hydrocyclones. 

IMN has technical conditions, apparatus, research infrastructure and staff necessary for their activity within the scope of the Project. Mineral Processing department of IMN has equipment applied for the tests on the laboratory and semi-technical scale i.e. flotation machines of capacity from 1dm3 to 1m3 and set of equipment for crushing, sieving, grinding and classification. Institute has equipment for analyses of grain size, mineralogical and chemical composition, which allows carrying out detailed analysis of the products obtained during accomplishment of the particular tasks.

Adam Mańka and Witold Kurylak