Grecian Magnesite, Greece

Grecian Magnesite Mining Industrial Shipping and Commercial Company Societe Anonyme (GRECIAN MAGNESITE) is a privately-owned modern company established in 1959 possessing substantial know-how in mining, processing and marketing of industrial minerals. One of its missions is to exploit and process mineral raw materials supplying quality products to a broad spectrum of industries. It ranks among the top magnesia producers and exporters in the world being number 1 exporter of CCM in the EU, with a staff around 350 people and turnover € 40 million. 

The company’s major deposits are located in Chalkidiki and the concessions exceed 4000 hectares. The extracted magnesite is microcrystalline in an Ultrabasic host rock. The total production capacity for calcinated products (caustic magnesia, dead-burned magnesia) is close to 200 000 mt a year whereas 90% output is exported. The annual production capacity of the monolithic refractories exceeds 60.000 tm of basic monolithic. The company´s sales value to all EU countries exceeds 80% of its turnover. For this level of production close to 3 million tons of mineral ores are excavated and processed from an open-pit mine. 

GM’s engineers have long experience in mining exploration and exploitation, both at Greece and Turkey, of the ore beneficiation to obtain the suitable magnesite feed concentrate and its thermal treatment to produce MgO grades for a big range of applications. The company applies custom-developed pioneering beneficiation methods in a continuous effort to increase recovery and ore concentrate quality from both the excavated mineral and old tailings stock.