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In 2008, the Commission adopted the raw materials initiative (RMI) which set out a strategy for tackling the issue of access to raw materials in the EU. This strategy has 3 pillars which aim to ensure:

  1. Fair and sustainable supply of raw materials from global markets
  2. Sustainable supply of raw materials within the EU
  3. Resource efficiency and supply of ‘secondary raw materials’ through recycling

The strategy covers all raw materials used by European industry except materials from agricultural production and materials used as fuel. Ensuring sustainable access to these raw materials is crucial to the competitiveness and growth of the EU economy and to the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy.

The European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials (EIP-RM) is the major EU initiative implementing the raw materials initiative stakeholder platform that brings together EU countries, companies, researchers, and NGOs to promote innovation in the raw materials sector. The EIP plays a central role in the EU’s raw materials policy framework.

The Commission also regularly publishes a list of critical raw materials in the EU, which combine raw materials of high importance to the EU economy and of high risk associated with their supply. The FineFuture project is also focusing on securing the production of CRMs in the EU.

FineFuture will contribute, through the technological solutions, to the overall EIP Raw Materials’ objectives. and is well aligned with the EIP Strategic Implementation Plan, e.g. “I.4 Processing and refining of raw materials” and “II.7 Optimised material recovery” and focus on multiple resources since the technologies to be developed are going to be transferable and cross-sectorial.

FineFuture will cluster with other relevant EU projects to maximise the relevance of the project’s activities. The consortium will engage with other H2020 participants (e.g. Metgrowplus, PLATIRUS, CHROMIC and particularly those funded under this call), as detailed in Sec. 1.3, with the aim of creating synergies and foster collaborations. Contacts and synergies with the recent successful H2020 projects (e.g FAME and OptimOre) will be also established.

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